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Fat Boys Jeepers By-Laws

1. All Members must own a Jeep.


2. At least (1) club activity will try to occur once a month and all club meetings will occur quarterly.


3. Club dues will be $35.00 a year. This will be used to pay IFWDA yearly dues along with UFWDA dues. All members will get one (1) club decal. Dues will be due on March 1st of each calendar year. Anyone joining after October 1st will be charged $17.00.


4. There will be a club coordinator and an assistant coordinator. No officers will be elected unless deemed by the club members.


5. All club member vehicles must pass a simple safety check list prior to any off-road activities. Tread Lightly will be adhered to on all private property.


6. Meetings: A meeting will consist of a coordinator and at least 25% of the membership.


7. Behavior: Conduct deemed unacceptable by the membership or coordinators can lead to revocation of membership.


8. Fat Boys Jeep Club is intended to be fun and educational. We will respect others property and personal belongings (except beer).


9. Delegates: There will be 2 delegates who will attend IFWDA meetings and other official functions. The delegates will be volunteer or assigned by the coordinators.


10. No by-laws or rules may be changed or amended unless at an official meeting.